HERS Modeling

Part of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Inspection

As part of the HERS Modeling building process, Momentum starts with a review of the project’s plans and Manual J to determine a preliminary HERS Score based on the HERS Index, utilizing the RESNET Accredited Rating Software to calculate a rating score on the HERS Index

During the building process for a HERS-Modeled Home, Momentum is an on-site conducting test at the framing stage such as a duct blaster test, air seal, and insulation inspection. When the home is finished we do a blower door test along with other inspections such as attics, crawls, lights appliances, water run off and balancing of the system if required.

Finally, once Momentum has finalized the home, we input the final numbers into REMrate to produce the homes final HERS score. Momentum will then issue the builder a HERS Modeling Certificate.

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The lower the score on the HERS Index, the BETTER! The lower the score the more energy efficient the home and the less the homeowner will pay in energy bills. LOWER IS BETTER with the HERS Index.

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