ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Providing verification services for the ENERGY STAR program.

Typically a home will require 3 inspections. These inspections include the following:

  • Rough-In Inspection (at the framing stage)

    • Perform duct blaster – determines that duct leakage falls within required parameters
    • Inspect energy seal – ensure all penetrations are caulked and/or foam filled

    Manage all required checklists
    Idaho is under the National ENERGY STAR Version 3.0

    • Thermal Enclosure
    • Water Management or Indoor airPLUS
    • HVAC Verified
  • New Home Energy Compliance Code Tests

    Building Envelope Inspection (at the framing stage)

    • Verify correct R-Values
    • Check for gaps and voids
    • Confirm that cavities have been filled with insulation
    • Verify window qualifications – backer rod, U factor under.30
  • Final Inspection – Envelope, HVAC & Lighting (right before final clean)

    • Verify furnace qualifications and filtering system
    • Check required attic insulation is installed properly
    • Check crawl space – insulation and vapor barrier installed properly
    • Verify heat pump meets HSPF & SEER (AC SEER Only) requirements
    • Verify water heater efficient factor of at least .61 gas / .93 electric
    • Verify 80% of the lighting is ENERGY STAR
    • Perform blower door test

    If additional inspections are required, Momentum will notify builder as soon as possible.

Momentum partners with the builders and trades throughout the build process to ensure homes are built to an ENERGY STAR standards. Serving Boise, Meridian, Eagle, all of the Treasure Valley & Eastern Oregon

As part of the ENERGY STAR building process, Momentum is involved in the design phase and performs framing inspections, insulation inspections, final testing, and certification. Momentum is there to ensure that all the pieces are coming together and the final product will be a comfortable home that is as energy efficient as possible. It truly is a partnership throughout the entire ENERGY STAR build process.